June Yap – part 2

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[caption id=”attachment_834″ align=”alignnone” width=”270″ caption=”June Yap “]June Yap [/caption]

Yap Yu-dan is an all round artist. This is the second time she joined PMPE. Beside photography, Yu-dan is also a Chinese Ink Painting Artist, a qualified Floral Arrangement Instructor, a writer, a collector of antiques and also a Business Woman. She has exhibited her art works at several local and international exhibitions. In 2009, she held her first solo exhibition in floral arrangement, and has published a book about the exhibits at that exhibition. She has held two exhibitions of the photographs she shot during her travels and has donated all the proceeds from the sale pf her works to charity.

[caption id=”attachment_836″ align=”alignnone” width=”243″ caption=”Reflections”]Reflections[/caption]

[caption id=”attachment_837″ align=”alignnone” width=”243″ caption=”Man at work building rafters of a house in kampong Khleang”]Man at work building rafters of a house in kampong Khleang[/caption]

[caption id=”attachment_838″ align=”alignnone” width=”208″ caption=”A Khmer lady separating rice husk”]A Khmer lady separating rice husk[/caption]


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[caption id=”attachment_839″ align=”alignnone” width=”243″ caption=”Mother and child”]Mother and child[/caption]

[caption id=”attachment_840″ align=”alignnone” width=”243″ caption=”Boy in a tub”]Boy in a tub[/caption]

[caption id=”attachment_841″ align=”alignnone” width=”243″ caption=”Day's catch”]Day's catch[/caption]

[caption id=”attachment_842″ align=”alignnone” width=”243″ caption=”Father and son having dinner”]Father and son having dinner[/caption]

Although June Yap is now to digital photography, her strong background in art and painting can be seen in her pictures. The above picture of an alternate reality in reflections as seen through her eyes at Angkor Wat, is an example of how artists sees things differently from lesser gifted folks. The above is an inverted image of a puddle of water at Angkor Wat after a sudden rain shower.





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