Join us at the Exclusive Point and Shoot Cameras Group

Point and Shoot cameras are not taken seriously by Photography Enthusiast. However, with the growth of the social media and online blogs, PnS cameras are often good enough for the web. After all you just need 72dpi to post on the web.

I am starting a facebook group to cater exclusively for PnS camera images. You will be surprised at what a modern digital PnS camera can do with some simple photography knowledge. The very fact that a PnS camera is small and it fits the pocket, it gets carried everywhere and it is not intrusive. Most subjects will not notice a small little camera pointed at them.

So it is time to brush off the dust and show us what a simple PnS camera is capable of…and take part in our Point and Shoot camera Exclusive group in facebook….


Finepix F40fd




Finepix F40fd





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